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ATC founders
ATB-300 Systems at CHIYODA JAPAN

Our True Passion

We have been in the business of Corrosion Protection for over 35 years. My late father, Emiel Roumieux – Chemist, invented the technology in the 1970’s and I still remember vividly helping him out in his lab doing the testing’s together.

During my school holidays I helped on job sites and projects to earn some pocket money and learned the tricks of the trade to apply screeds and coatings from the best contractors in the field. There we heard their requests, we heard the customers’ requests and so we broadened the range by meeting our customers expectations as well as to find ways as to how to make the application easier for the contractors. ATB-300 systems got developed, tested by our customers in the field and in their labs before we put them on the market for others to use.

Our main starting business was the PTA business at Amoco Chemicals in Belgium but that took off into other industries whereby we worked together with Akzo, DSM – BASF Structural Resins in China, with CCM Chemicals (former ICI) in Asia Pacific and the rest is the history and the start of an incredible journey.

Now I represent the second generation, 35 years into the market, recognised by the big resin suppliers, engineering offices, global customers and applied in over 42 countries globally. Yet we still innovate and push on with our wonderful ATB-300 systems and technology today.

Key to success

I could write books about our story and history and wished my father was still around today to see how the business has grown and developed as he would be proud. But all is thanks to the many customers out there and mostly to the contractors who taught me the skills on applying them and made me think on how to achieve even better systems.


We are a solution to your problem and work together as one big global family. That is the key success of our achievements today.